Science and research

  • Integrated approach to solution of risk in the field of social and safety research.
  • Development of certified methodology in area of sustainable development and environmental impact assessment of national policy
  • Assessment of need for public investments in a region with emphasis on effectiveness, efficiency and economy; feasibility studies
  • Software products and web applications development
  • Integrated Urban Development Plan, integrated territorial investment, integrated mobility plan for transport
  • City and regional marketing, particular product proposals
  • Materials for communal planning of social services:  networking and financial planning, transport accessibility, optimizing possibilities
  • Concept of urban housing: low-cost and social model, homelessness prevention systems, solutions of hostels
  • Labour market analysis, idenetification of problematic areas, realization of social inclusion programme, predictions of the area development

Sociological research and statistical methods

  • Multicriterial, spatial, predictive analyses.

  • Evaluation research.
  • Sociological research: representative surveys of public opinion (PAPI, CATI, CAWI); surveys of the business environment; group discussions (Focus Groups); Mystery Client.

Evaluation and expert opinions

  • Evaluation of projects and operational programmes: ex-ante, mid-term, ex-post.

  • Development of expert opinions and attitude for needs of government authorities.
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA): systematic evaluation of expected impacts of proposed policies and legal enactments.