Members of the ccompany in relation to the goal of the company agreed on this  and commit oneself to:


  1. Take care of good name of the ACCENDO company and thus strenghten its credibility in dealing with the authorities, media, public and other subjects.
  2. Take care, within the activities of the company, of professionalism, discipline, respect for ethical and moral principles, respect for privacy and confidentality.
  3. Respect the Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. Develop individual capabilities to understand the quality of life.
  5. Support the principles of subsidiarity, i.e. transfer the decision at the lowest level of the government towards the citizens.
  6. Support the decentralization of government to counter the negative effects of globalization.
  7. By disseminating relevant information, supporting education and promoting of regional products to contribute to stabilizing and development of the local economy.
  8. By support and development of cultural activities, to reinforce social bonds and national sociability.
  9. Consider the culture as the basic bond of society.
  10. Strengthen and develop cooperation and communication between actors of regional development.


  1. When funding organization to do that in an ethical, responsible and transparent manner.
  2. For financing, only use resources that have been acquired in accordance with the democratic, legal and ethical standards.
  3. Avoid such sources of funds and other tangible assets, which would evoke a conflict of interest or decrease independence and impartiality.
  4. Establish partnerships and cooperation with providers of financial aid solely to fulfil the mission of the organization.
  5. In the field of corporate fundraising to cooperate with companies that claim the responsibility for impact of their activities on social structures, environment and local economy.
  6. Follow the rules of free economic competition.
  7. Mutually follow the settled terms and level of provided services.